Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Morning Call---Mark Cuban on the Reddit phenomema


The Morning Call




The Market




            Wednesday in the charts.



            The VIX ‘feels’ low.



            The dollar breaks its short term downtrend.



            One interpretation of the current bounce in equity prices.







              The Economy




Weekly jobless claims were reported at 779,000 versus projections of 830,000.


Q4 nonfarm productivity fell 4.8 versus estimates of -2.8%; unit labor costs rose 6.8% versus +4.0%.


The January services PMI came in at 58.3 versus expectations of 57.5; the composite PMI was 58.7 versus 58.0.


The January ISM nonmanufacturing index was 58.7 versus consensus of 56.8.





The January EU construction PMI was 44.1 versus the prior reading of 45..5; the January German construction PMI was 46.6 versus 47.1 prior; the January UK construction PMI was 49.2 versus 52.9 forecast.


                          January EU retail sales were up 2.0% versus predictions of +1.6%.




 The CBO’s outlook and the GDP output gap---if Rogart and Reinhart are correct (too much debt inhibits economic growth) this gap won’t be closed even in 2025.



             The case against inflation.



             Ditto Europe.



The Fed


  The Fed punchbowl fueling rampant home price appreciation.


 The Bank of England leaves QE unchanged, prepares for negative rates but warns   of inflation???


The coronavirus


  Just a few weeks delay.


              Long haul coronavirus suffers cast new light on chronic fatigue sufferers.



            The short squeeze


              Winners and losers in the Reddit fueled squeeze.



              Gambling is reckless.



              Counterpoint from Mark Cuban (must read).



            Bottom line.


              More valuations.




             January dividends by the numbers.



    News on Stocks in Our Portfolios


What I am reading today


            Visa considering adding bitcoin to its network.



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