Friday, January 8, 2021

The Morning Call--What are investors thinking?


The Morning Call




The Market




            Thursday in the charts.



            Are we in the last phase of the bull market?



            Bond prices continue to decline.



            Bond prices near technical trigger.



            American gold eagle sales up 455% in 2020.



            Is the decline in the dollar about to reverse?






              The Economy




The December ISM nonmanufacturing index came in at 57.2 versus estimates of 54.6.



December nonfarm payrolls fell 140,000 versus expectations of a 71,000 increase.





November Japanese household spending declined 1.8% versus predictions of -1.3%; November leading economic indicators were 96.6 versus 94.3 in October.

November German industrial production was up 0.9% versus forecasts of +0.7%.


The November EU unemployment rate was 8.3% versus consensus of 8.5%.




            The Fed


              Philly Fed chief worries about tapering too soon.



            Fiscal Policy


              Yellen may not be as eager to jack up spending as many think.



            The coronavirus


              Update on coronavirus stats.



            Bottom line.  At 10 times revenues, what are investors thinking?



              December dividends by the numbers.



    News on Stocks in Our Portfolios




What I am reading today


            What is behind the recent surge in bitcoin?



            Am I being duped?



            The best cars of 2020.



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