Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Morning Chartology

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       Monday Morning Chartology

            The S&P had a wild ride last week, but ended on the plus side.  A good sign that an oversold bounce has begun.  Whether or not there is any follow through is the big question.  Levels to watch are the resistance offered by 100 day moving average, Fibonacci retracement level (1928) and the upper boundary of its short term downtrend.

            The long Treasury closed above its 100 day moving average and within short and intermediate term trading ranges.  Focusing on the short term trading range, TLT has spent little time at the bottom of the range but still struggles at the upper boundary.

            The VIX was down Friday.  It remains above its 100 day moving average; but note that MA is beginning to turn down (good for stocks).  It is also in short and intermediate term trading ranges.

            I don’t even know why I keep putting this chart up.  With all the turmoil in the Market, GLD is still a mess.  It remains below its 100 day moving average and within short term, intermediate term and long term downtrends.


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