Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Morning Chartology

The Morning Call


The Market

       Monday Morning Chartology

            The S&P (1994) remains within uptrends across all timeframes, though it is nearing its mid-December low (1970) and its 200 day moving average (red line) circa 1974

            How do Treasury bonds go parabolic?  This is either an omen of ill to come or we are apt to get a painful snapback soon.

            GLD went through a consolidation---notice how it bounced off its 50 day moving average.  Hopefully, this round is over.  Our Portfolios will Add to their GLD position at the open this morning.

            You can see the increased Market volatility in the VIX performance.  It is once again nearing the upper boundary of its short term trading range.  In fact the lower boundary of its intermediate term downtrend now intersects the upper boundary of the short term trading range directly above the VIX Friday close.  So an additional move up could take out both trends.

            Greece shows the limits of austerity (medium):

            Economic activity and the Market in one chart (short):

            ***overnight, Chinese manufacturing PMI was negative for first time in two and a half years, EU manufacturing PMI was positive and the Greek PM said that a debt deal was imminent.

      Investing for Survival

            Doing nothing is something (medium):

      News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

   This Week’s Data

            December personal income rose 0.3%, in line; personal spending fell 0.3% versus expectations of -0.2%; the PCE deflator was -0.2% versus estimates of -0.3%.




Obama is clueless about the cause of income inequality (medium):


            Israel, more alone than ever (short):

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