Thursday, January 8, 2015

Morning Journal--The rising threat of deflation

 Investing for Survival

            Ten rules of investing from ten highly successful investors (medium):
      News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

   This Week’s Data

            I completely screwed up my account of the December ADP private payrolls report yesterday.  It should have read that jobs were up 241,000 versus expectation of up 235,000.  In addition, the November number was revised up.

            The Fed released the minutes of its December meeting and, not surprisingly, it remains patient, i.e. easy (see stock rocket shot).  Other than that bit of news, it continued with its ‘on the one hand’/’on the other hand’ noncommittal (confused) storyline that has so pleased the speculator/hedge fund/carry trade crowd for so long,  Yeah, its worried about oil prices and a global economic slowdown; but, what the heck, there are so many positives to offset those risk.  I will let you suffer through the entire narrative:
Weekly jobless claims fell 4,000 versus estimates of an 8,000 decline.


            The rising threat of deflation (medium and a must read):


            Credit where credit is due: House instructs CBO to institute ‘dynamic scoring’ (short):

            The validity of postmodern science (short):

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